Mamey, the pumpkin pie fruit you need to put in your face right now

Mamey fruit being sold at Tianguis de los Martes

Mamey is a fruit I was really familiar with in Miami. I first became acquainted with it in the form of shakes at cuban restaurants. Has a fantastic pumpkin pie flavor but the varieties grown in miami now are so ginormous that you can scarcely eat part of one before becoming excessively full. I never ever expected to see them here at the tianguis de martes and later on lesser quality ones at La Comer.

Beautifully cut Mamey fruit

I was super surprised because they dont grow in this climate. Theyre tropical species that require hot humid conditions like miami so I wondered where they were bringing them in from. Finally after my second visit to tianguis de martes I asked the growers and they said they’re brought in from Mérida in the Yucatan. That makes alot more sense because the climate and even native vegetation in in the Yucatan almost matches the caribbean dry forest found in northern key largo. But its a long drive by truck, nearly a whole day so I wonder if they are hopping on a boat and going across the water which would be a more direct route.

Whole mamey prior to being opened

Anyways, if you have not tried this fruit, you can get shakes of it at some of the places at Ignacio Ramírez Market or simply visit the tuesday market and buy some fruit whole while in season. As I type this it is June 12, 2019 and I have seen them being sold for the past three weeks. the best way to tell if they are ripe is to scrape the skin and see if it’s pink underneath. Or see if they are soft to the touch.

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