Succulents Galore. Landscaping with water hardy plants in San Miguel

So I had been looking for a nursery with succulents for some time. I’ve been living in San Miguel de Allende for about a month and landscaping the place I’ve been residing as a thank you and its simply something I’m naturally compelled to do essentially anywhere I live.

I’m still exploring the town on foot and I decided to walk down to La Comer to see if its everything everyone said about it plus hoping I can get groceries less expensively than farmacia Guadalajara which is closer but very small.
Well, I stopped by instituto allende to see that and then proceeded onward to La Comer. It was a tuesday and school was getting out so I kept passing lots of kids on the sidewalk and then i looked to the left and stopped dead in my tracks…

Tons of succulents.
Fucking jackpot!

Oh I love this place. I couldn’t really get the name because I didnt see a sign listed but I’m going to dump all sorts of photos in the article. So photogenic. and they compile them together into beautiful collections of succulents. This high desert climate is ideal for succulents. Whats nice about them is they grow easily enough and you can be super lazy and neglectful compared to many other plants. Most grow from cutting so you can easily cover an area of them by simply breaking off pieces. They come in various interesting colors and shapes and theyre so un-plant-like its almost more like growing crystals than growing plants.

They also had fragrant plumerias and even a few plants of lemongrass for sale. fantastic!

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