San Miguel de Allende Timelapse Photography

Screenshot from a san miguel de allende sunset timelapse

Back in Florida one of the things I used to do was do timelapse photography of the skies in front of my townhouse with an old Canon S2 IS. There was a software called CHDK that you could load on the SD memory card and program to the camera to do all sorts of things beyond what it was normally capable of. Timelapses, triggers to capture lightning, RAW format etc. As homestead, florida grew and grew the skies got smaller. More buildings got in the way. Theres still plenty of sky to photograph here in san miguel de allende.

So I gave it a try with fantastic results. I’m using an old GoPro Hero 3+ which I purchased a number of years ago. You should probably be able to pick them up pretty cheap off ebay these days or have a friend or relative stateside do it and then mail it to you. The time lapse feature is built right in.

This video should step you through the process

I use 7mp wide with 5 second delay. I usually turn it on and set it in the direction i want to do the time lapse, plug in a power bank to make it last long beyond the gopro’s original battery and then switch it to time lapse mode and hit the shutter button and walk away.

You’ll wind up with an SD memory card filled with multiple folders (each folder holds 999 images each) which I usually copy all the images from the folders into a single folder on my desktop.

From there you can use Virtualdub for FREE which you can google and download and use this tutorial

or you can buy or bootleg yourself a copy of Adobe Premiere

There are many app store tools you can use to do timelapse photography of SMA. There are so many beautiful views and vistas that it seems this should be alot more popular than it is.

There are apps for both ios and android. I have provided an example of some settings you can use with a gopro to do a time lapse as well. You can also extend the battery by hooking up a rechargable battery.

When you finally assemble the video you can get something like this

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