Tianguis de los Martes (The Tuesday Market)

It is very easy to get to tianguis de los martes by public transportation
simply go to plaza civica on the corner of mesones and colegio and take Ruta 8 purple bus going up the hill. The price is 8 pesos aka 36 cents USD. alot of people will be getting off at the same place but just ask tianguis? when you see people getting off. you can follow along on your phone with google maps and see when you’re close. you cross the road on an elevated pedestrian walkway. I first took an uber there but taking the bus is vastly more cost effective. Once you’re there, there are a crazy amount of things to see.
When you want to return again catch the purple bus Ruta 9 heading towards Centro. If you are standing at the edge of the market facing towards the parkinglot the bus you want to take is heading to your left back towards centro. dont make the mistake i did and go for the long ride all the way out to the neighborhoods like Jardin II and have to wait for it to return to the tianguis and then back to centro. On the way back youll pass El Mirador (the view over the city) and it will continue down towards centro and you can hop back off whenever. you can use google maps or the church in the middle (the Parroquia) to orient yourself in the city.

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